Anxiety is one of the major causes of depression. “The first month in 2021 has almost ended and I haven’t even achieved anything. What is wrong with me?” Ada was lost in thought for some minutes. The truth is that she had hoped for a better year. For her, 2020 was meant to be the end of her woes. Everything is meant to be beautiful in 2021.

Alas! The first month of the year has almost ended and here she is not able to point out one achievement or the other. Tolu traveled out just this same January; she got a scholarship to study in Ukraine. Oh! Jeff, the nonchalant is really making waves, he just signed some business deals, and “Here I am, the great planner, not having a hold of my life” Ada sighed so loud. She was clearly anxious. Nothing seems to matter to her anymore at this point in time.

It is normal to have a bit of anxiety. Yes, when you consider all your plans and they seem not close to being actualized, anxiety may set in.

While it is a normal phenomenon for humans to be anxious, it is important to put it in to check. For Ada, maybe if she had considered some things as achievements, anxiety wouldn’t set in for her. She signed a deal for her company and she got recognized by the board. Well, that’s an achievement and it is quite okay to aim higher.

Anxiety: what does it mean?


Anxiety is the intense, excessive and persistent worry and fear about everyday situations. As a result, fast heart rate, rapid breathing, sweating, and feeling tired may occur and these might lead to other health issues. Effects of anxiety are; headache, depression, irritability, pounding heart, etc. Thus, you need to take things quite easily.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have great plans for yourself but it simply means trying your possible best and taking things slow and steady, persevere but do not stress out yourself.

ANXIETY REDUCTION TECHNIQUES: 5 Ways to reduce anxiety

  • Take a deep breath :Sometimes, all you need to do is take a deep breath, relax and make plans. This means you should re-strategize. It seems quite simple or funny but it is a great trick.
  • Eat well-balanced meal
  • Exercise well : It doesn’t have to be a rigorous exercise. You can take some walks, skip, squat, etc. these simple acts can help you reduce stress.
  • Get enough sleep- this is a very important reduction technique. Your brain functions well when you have enough sleep.
  • Do your best :Nobody succeeds by being mediocre. Do your very best and leave the rest. Whatever venture you want to go into, do your best, ask for help.
  • Understand and accept that you cannot control everything :To reduce anxiety, you need to understand the fact you can’t have control over everything. You can always ask for help. Perhaps, you want to buy a car, ask questions. If you want to own a home, you can ask CMB

Finally, never forget to put on a smile. Problem no dey finish. Keep a positive mindset and have a beautiful year ahead.

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