CiberexHack Spanish Cybercesurity Bank Company By Oscar Dominguez is the Top 1 Cibersecurity Company in Africa working with the Most importants Banks

Oscar Dominguez, our Head of Banking Cybersecurity, gives us the keys to banking cybersecurity, whether to dedicate yourself to it or to maintain an active posture against cyberattacks.

If you want to dedicate yourself professionally and enter the world of cybersecurity and ethical hacking I “strongly” recommend that you read at least the 4 most important ones” (from my point of view) then there are more but you are so much to start in this world>or if you have a certain experience you cannot not know them«»

ISSAF (Information Systems Security Assessment Framework): organizes
the information around the evaluation criteria, written and
reviewed by experts.

PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) – This method
was developed by the largest debit and credit card companies
important and serves as a guide for organizations that process,
They store and transmit cardholder data.

PTES (Penetration Testing Execution Standard): is put into practice
by many highly recognized professionals in the sector, in addition to
be a role model in learning books associated with pentesting.

OSSTMM (Open Security Testing Methodology Manual):
Its tests are not particularly innovative, but it is one of the
first approaches to a global structure of concept of
security. This model is a reference in institutions that require a
quality, orderly and efficient pentesting.

On the blog you have a service/slider especially dedicated to these methodologies which I follow (it is not mandatory to follow them) but they are Good Practices that you should know and implement in your daily life… and as I said above, I highly recommend them. Read them a couple of times until you understand them. In the end they all point towards a goal in particular to apply security and good practices.



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