Harmattan, cool dry wind that blows from the northeast or east in the western sahara and is strongest in late fall and winter (late November to mid-March). It usually carries large amounts of dust. Click here for more details.

Harmattan came as shock this year. Of course, everyone expected it to come late last year and run through the month of January, however, nature is being the boss. So what can we all really do?

Harmattan is that season in Africa when it gets really cold and dry. It’s that season that comes with crack in the lips, whitening body (that’s when you don’t moisturize your body very well), we allow the fans and the ACs go on break during the Harmattan or would you rather you allow the artificial compete with the natural.  You need to know how to take care of your body during this season.

The lip balms should come in handy, the Vaseline would surely do it job and your sweaters are just great companions but there are other things you should do as well. Don’t bother, the dust is inevitable, so you can’t stop them but you can take care of yourself during this harmattan season. Just know that this is the season you will need to take care of yourself more than ever.

Before you guard against the Harmattan, know that it has its advantages.

The following are advantages of the Harmattan season

  • Harmattan helps food preservation. During harmattan, foods don’t get spoilt easily.
  •  You know those times you’ve had to cancel an outing because your chosen outfit is dirty? Well, you don’t have an excuse anymore. You can wash the cloth and trust the harmattan to make it dry quickly. So no more excuses. (winks)
  • Although the weather is dry and harsh, it is good as it doesn’t allow you to sweat too much.

Below are safety tips to guide you through the harmattan season;

  • Get a moisturizer: the weather makes the skin dry so you need to moisturize your skin properly. Get a moisturizer and apply it very well. Body oils are also perfect for the harmattan season. You can be fresh even in the dusty season.
  • Drink a lot of water: to stay hydrated this season, you will need to drink a whole lot of water. If you want to stay healthy you need to drink a lot of water.
  • Home care: Your home is one important thing and it needs to stay clean and safe always. Harmattan comes with a lot of dust which turns everywhere dusty. Fortunately, this can be rectified and the solution lies with you. Always ensure you clean your house from time to time. Clean those dusty surfaces all the time, you don’t have to allow the dust to accumulate before cleaning it. For more home maintenance tips, check here
  • Cover your nose and mouth when you find yourself in a place that is too dusty. This is to avoid having the infamous catarrh.
  • Wear clothes that will keep your body warm. When shopping for clothes, keep in mind the Harmattan season

Remember, change is the only constant thing. The season shall soon pass. Until then endure the colds and have a positive mindset, keep working on your plans, and if owning is a part of your plans, Cooperative Mortgage Bank is here to help you. check out here

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