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At Cooperative Mortgage Bank, our employees are the most important and valuable resource who building other available resources to achieve our corporate goal.

Part of our major goals is to strengthen the bond between our employees and the Bank by communicating regularly and honestly with employees, motivating and promoting employees’ professional development with an encouraging environment that improves job satisfaction/performance. We have the most competent team who have professional skills and vast experience on the job while mentoring the younger talent through learning and re-learning for individual growth and good succession planning to keep our business growing and expanding.

We have good policies and practices in place to cater to employees’ diverse needs which are not limited to job security, positive work environment, opportunities for personal/professional growth, and financial/non-financial rewards. These policies and practices increase greater employee satisfaction and employee retention in CMB.

Our objective is to make all our employees’ ambassadors of a performance culture that defines sustainable growth based on responsible values. This is why teamwork and team building are of crucial significance to us because innovative solutions for clients can be found by taking various perspectives into account.

We place great value on an equitable work-life balance by encouraging and helping our employees derive a healthy balance between an individual’s work and life outside work.

In CMBank, we introduce policies, procedures, actions, and expectations that enable employees to easily pursue more balanced lives and allow them to pay attention to all the essential aspects of their lives without decreasing productivity, thereby reducing employees’ stress level.

Brief Testimonials of Staff
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