Corporate Governance

At Cooperative Mortgage Bank, we believe an enviable reputation is built on a solid foundation of integrity, professionalism, value added service delivery and excellent corporate governance. The Bank is committed to improving shareholder value through transparent best business practices.

The Code of Corporate Governance of Cooperative Mortgage Bank provides the basis for promoting the highest standards of corporate governance in the Bank. The Bank is governed by a framework that enables checks and balances and guarantees that appropriate controls are put in place. The Corporate Governance guidelines of the Bank are designed to ensure accountability of the Board and Management to stakeholders.

The Bank’s business is determined by the Board of Directors which exercises its oversight function through its various Committees, namely; the Board Enterprise & Risk Management Committee, Board General Purpose Committee and the Audit Committee of the Bank.

Through these Committees, collaborative discourse is employed to determine extensive policy guidelines, and to ensure the proper management and direction of the Bank on a regular basis.

In addition to the Board Committees, there are two Management Committees; Assets and Liability Committee and Management Credit Committee to ensure effective and good Corporate Governance at the Management level. These are the Committees which form the base for the professional management of the business of the Bank.