“Flagship home ownership solution”

This scheme is designed to take advantage of numbers through economies of scale to deliver quality and affordable homes with ease of payment to group of workers. The scheme is such that groups, through their Cooperatives Societies or their Human Relations can make mandatory savings of a minimum of N2,000 monthly. Saving for a minimum of one year qualifies a saver to benefit from the Group Home Ownership Scheme

Group Save for Shelter

It is crucial to embark on group savings as it is a panacea to providing funds for housing development to group members.

This product is designed to build the saving culture of group members through a convenient monthly contribution, which qualifies them for quality and affordable homes on mortgage.


  • Minimum N2,000 monthly savings
  • Low interest rate
  • It guarantees a saver’s eligibility for group mortgage


  • Zero Equity Contribution on mortgage
  • Guarantees access to affordable home under the Group Home Ownership Scheme
  • Guarantees the group access to low interest rate
  • Qualify to own a home after a year of group savings under the group home ownership scheme
  • During death in combat, next of kin automatically qualifies for a home courtesy of the bank.