Business Strategy


Cooperative Societies are the backbone of our business strategy. In line with achieving a national stance as the cooperator’s bank, CMBank focus majority of its marketing and sales efforts towards acquiring long lasting relationships with various Cooperative Societies who desire the services provided by the bank.

To this end, the bank has designed the Group Home Ownership Scheme with ease of payment for cooperative societies.


Operational efficiency, relating to people, processes and technology is a priority at CMBank. We manage a business environment that challenges employees to be innovative and pro-active. Our staff is responsible for assessing resources available and designing and implementing methods that boost the performance of the bank while ensuring limited waste.

We focus on keeping technology up to date to ensure business stays competitive while developing cost effective ways to keep staff knowledgeable about latest tactics and strategies behind their profession.


This is germane to the attainment of our business strategic goals. Various means such as deposit machines, agent banking, cooperative group save for shelter, e-deposit, etc. are deployed together to augment deposit volume.


In addition to focusing on poverty alleviation, economic empowerment and environmental sustainability, CMBank has taken up an added responsibility to ensure the concept of cooperative societies does not become lackluster.

CMBank is committed to impacting lives and we continuously explore ways to positively affect lives in our host community and environs while setting up social programs that integrate members of cooperatives societies with similar interests.”