Home maintenance is as important as home ownership. It is not enough to own a home, you have to maintain it after. Home maintenance is maintaining the structure, fittings, fixtures and ensuring your home looks good, safe and secure. Home maintenance is like going to a doctor for routine health checkup. It is not a one-time thing. It is something that should be done often and consistently; could be fortnightly, monthly or quarterly depending on the extent of maintenance being done. It is very important for you to take proper care of your home. Home maintenance increases the value of your home. It saves you money in the long term and it improves your living experience. Read more

The state of your house and environment has a strong influence on how you are perceived. Imagine being negligent about maintaining your house, leaving it in a deplorable condition. It sends a wrong notion about you to your friends, neighbors and co-workers who visit you often. If you cannot maintain your home; your personal space where you live. Then you cannot be trusted with maintaining important tasks or jobs.

You might think maintaining your home is just doing minor cleaning often. Home maintenance is not as basic as sweeping, cleaning, wiping surfaces etc. Those are just regular cleaning routines but there is more to maintaining your house than that. It could be technical, you might be needing extra hands or a handyman to get it done or it could be simple maintenance you can get done yourself. Here’s a few home maintenance tips/ideas;

Home maintenance

7 home maintenance tips/ideas

  1. Check for leakages- Certain things are known to leak easily in every house. Check for holes in your roof, leaking pipes or faucets. Rusty roofs, pipes and faucets tend to leak easily. Fixing this mostly requires the service of a handyman. Failure to check these things out puts your house at a risk of being flooded. It could affect other appliances in the home or your fixtures.

2. Check for cracks in walls- It is important to check for cracks in your walls especially the ones around the window and door corners. Insects such as bugs can hide in those cracks.

3. Clear out drains and gutters- Make sure your drainage system is not clogged. Dirt and wastes in or around the house can block the drain and gutter. A clogged drain or gutter can cause the house to be flooded or harbor insects. Be sure to clean it out thoroughly.

4. Trim shrubs away from your house- leaving shrubs around your house will only invite rodents and pests. It is okay to have vegetation in your house but make sure it is properly groomed.

5. Always replace burned out bulbs- There is need for proper lighting inside and outside the house. When you notice a bulb is burned out, replace it whether it’s in a major spot in the house or not.

6. Replace broken windows and furniture- Inspect your windows and furniture. Replace all broken windows and fix the broken furniture. Leaving broken windows and furniture around the house can cut or injure anyone, especially visitors that are not aware.

7. Touch up on the paint- Over time the paint of your house will wear out. Although you are not expected to re-paint your house weekly or monthly. You could do it yearly. It makes your stay beautiful and attractive. Almost as good as new.

Getting a house is not easy. Therefore, Protect, maintain and preserve your house. A house that is not properly maintained is a threat to its owner. If you fail to maintain your home. You might lose your home.