Mental health is one of the crucial aspect of health, however majority take no cognizance.

The Medical definition of mental states that, “it relates to the total emotional and intellectual response of an individual to external reality. “Health, on the other hand is “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”-World Health Organization [WHO].

The cogent terms having been considered, mental health according to the World Health Organization [WHO] “is a state of well-being in which the individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community”.

Everyone, including celebrities ,athletes, political leaders, artists and medical practitioners have various mental struggles and insights. Psychological coping mechanisms and strategies can be imbibed to ensure a healthy mental lifestyle. Coping mechanisms are strategies people often use in the face of stress and trauma to help manage painful or difficult emotions. Taking care of your mental health helps you enjoy life, cope with problems and as well offers a feeling of well-being and inner strength. 

However, as every plant has its own requirements to grow, so do people. But before you heal, ask yourself if you are willing to give up the things that made you sick, as this is the first step to living a healthy mental life.


You owe yourself the love you so freely give to other people, therefore take care of your mental status. Below are healthy coping strategies to imbibe:

IDENTIFY THE STRESSORS: Mental health management starts with identifying the sources of stress. Mental health problems don’t define who you are, they are something you experience.
“You walk in the rain and feel the rain, but importantly you are not the rain” -Matt Halg.

When life gets blurry, adjust your focus. Until you accept responsibility for the stressors, your stress level remains out of your control. To identify your true sources of stress, look closely at your habits, attitude and excuses. Your true sources of stress aren’t always obvious and it’s all too easy to overlook your own stress-inducing thoughts feelings and behaviors.

Accept your feelings, cry if need be and imbibe a coping strategy that works well for you. A stress journal can help identify the regular stressors in your life, while brainstorming about them works well for others. Whichever suits you, keep track of your stressors. However, do remember you have no control over stressors, but you are in charge of your reactions.


SEEK HEALTHY COUNSEL:” You are more precious to this world than you will ever know”-Lili Rhinehart.

Deep conversations with the right people are priceless, you don’t have to struggle in silence. Talking about a stressful event with a supportive person can be an effective way to manage stress. Avoid burying your head in the sand, tackle problems face on, and express your feelings. If you let out your worries and stresses often, you will realize that they are manageable. If you wait before seeking help, it can be harder to make changes and break patterns, as it could have a knock-on effect leading to secondary problems. 

Therefore, seek “Healthy Counsels” from friends, clergy or professionals, as you are important as anyone else. There are however Cognitive Behavioral Therapy[CBT] you can undergo to control your stressors .CBT doesn’t involve handing over the reins to someone else, as you and the therapist will work together to ensure you stay in control at all times. Online CBT is a good way to begin, with no waiting list.

SELF CARE & DEVELOPMENT: People spend so much time trying to take care of every other thing, neglecting themselves,forgetting the fact that you can’t serve from an empty vessel. Be addicted to bettering yourself, invest more in yourself, take care of your physical appearance and hygiene, educate yourself, address your recurring toxic thoughts, deal with your insecurities and learn to be happy on your own, you glow from the inside when you do. (Diastat) Everything starts with how you feel about yourself, “It is not selfish, it is self-care.”

MAINTAIN A POSITIVE BOUNDARY: You can only control the positive space around you, because you become what you surround yourself with. Energy is contagious, choose carefully as your environment becomes you. The people you surround yourself with affects your life success and downfalls, they create who you are. Life becomes easier when negative people are kicked out.

TAKE A BREAK/VACATION: Doing your best does not mean working yourself to the point of mental breakdown. Take a break, go on vacation, and take some rest. While doing this, you need to remember, you aren’t wasting the day, you are doing exactly what you need, ”recovering”, as this helps to get more accomplishments, reduce stress and enhance concentration. However, having a breakdown doesn’t mean you are weak, it means you have been strong for too long, give yourself some “me time”.

CREATE A CALM DOWN ROUTE: Train your mind to be calm in every situation. Take proper care of your mind.

Here are some calm down tips:

Listen to music

Play with a pet

A hug from a loved one

Talking out

Activities and Exercises

Meditation and Yoga


MAKE REALISTIC DECISIONS: Focus on your own voice, it’s the only one that matters. Learn to make realistic decisions and stick with them. Most problems we face are either because, we act without thinking or we think without acting. Make realistic plans and work towards achieving them.

In conclusion, stay in a healthy mental environment, seek no validation from people, and believe in yourself as the greatest fear in the world is the opinions of others. Your mental health is your responsibility.

Remember, the happiest people are not those who have the best things, but those who enjoy life make the most of what they have.