Self management is one of the top life skills. It is the ability to
control or regulate oneself physically, mentally, emotionally
… Ever wondered why you can’t seem to get things done? Or
have you ever gotten so tired of doing anything that you are
tempted to give up on it all? Well, that may be because you
lack self management skills. People with strong self-
management skills are always prepared, pay attention, follow
directions, allow others to speak without interruption, assertive
and work independently with focus. Self management is about
making a choice to do more than you need to. It is a great life
skill that contributes to one’s life and work. Learn more

“Self-management has several components that come together
to bring about perceivable change in the personality of an
-Dr Prem Jagyasi

There are quite a number of self management skills but the top self management skills are INITIATIVE, ORGANISATION,

INITIATIVE is being able to work without always being told
what to do. “It means using your head, and having the drive to
achieve. Initiative requires self belief, because you need
resilience and motivation to go out of your way to solve
problems or do things without being reminded or asked.” Being
initiative in a work environment guarantees productivity at
work, it boosts self confidence and triggers a sense of

ORGANISATION , if you are organised in life and work, it
means you can plan your time and the things you have to do.
You know what is most important, what should be done first
and what will take the longest. It’s also about being prepared
and having the things you need when you need them. So if you
know you need certain tools or information to complete a task,
you make sure you have them before you begin. Organisation
boosts efficiency and improves your performance and employability.

self management

ACCOUNTABILITY is when you are up to a task. It is
when you can be trusted to execute a plan or task in the most
effective way. Being accountable promotes team spirit and
gives the people around you a sense of confidence in you.
Everyone loves to see you have a positive attitude and can be
relied on to put the effort in when something needs to be

PROBLEM SOLVING is the act of defining a problem;
determining the cause of the problem; identifying, prioritizing,
and selecting alternatives for a solution; and implementing a
solution. Read more.

“All management starts with self management which is the
definition of intentions, actions to be taken and quantifying of
those actions”
-Jullian Pencilliah

5 Self management Tips

It is very important for one to build those self management
skills to live the best of one’s life. One should be able to
regulate one’s behaviors and actions especially in a work
environment. Self management instills values that will always
be useful in everyday life

  1. Be self disciplined:
    Self discipline is your ability to control and motivate yourself.
    This isn’t being a robot; functioning according to a stipulated
    plan. It is only getting yourself to resist distractions to attain
    your goals. Read more on how to be self disciplined.

2. Read voraciously, be informed: Information is key and
knowledge is power. Always read voraciously; a decent quantity
of information. Not just any information but useful information
that can be helpful in life. Be sure to Know a little about

3. Be productive : Productivity is getting the right thing done at
the right time. Always plan your time and schedule wisely. Do
the most important things first. Check out more on productivity
check out more on productivity here.

4. Allow for self reflection : Self reflection is an evaluation of
oneself. Always allow yourself to understand where you are,
where you want to be, what you need to get to where you
want to be and how to get there.

5. Admit your mistakes: It is okay to make mistakes because
everyone makes mistakes. Nobody is perfect. What is
important is that you admit your mistakes and learn from your
mistakes. The only way to move on and experience growth is
when you learn from your mistakes, work on it and never
make the mistakes again.