choluteca view

Ever heard of “The Bridge to Nowhere”? Sounds strange right? How could a bridge possibly lead to nowhere? It is a bridge located in the city of Choluteca, Honduras. Its Spanish name is Puente Sol Naciente translated to mean Bridge of Rising Sun. The Choluteca Bridge was built between the year 1996 and 1998 by a Japanese company, the Hazama Ando Corporation. It is 484-meter long.

The choluteca bridge was built to withstand the harsh weather conditions that bothered the Central American country of Honduras, since the city is notorious for having terrible hurricanes. In 1998 when the bridge was commissioned, куртка зимняя тактическая Honduras was hit by the hurricane Mitch and as hoped the bridge met the expectations of its constructors.

While the bridge survived the hurricane, the roads which were connected to the bridged were swept away without any possible trace of ever being there, thus, the river Choluteca changed its course.  The river paved a new path for itself such that it flowed beside the bridge. With this development, the bridge which was meant to lead to some roads became a bridge over nothing, военные штаны leading to nothing. Thus the Puente Sol Naciente was rendered useless.


Life Lessons To Be Learnt From The Choluteca Bridge.


Even after having great plans and preparing so well, the unexpected always hits so hard. The Choluteca Bridge served its purpose, however, nature took its course. We might not be able control some things but it is important to always be prepared for the unexpected. Invest in profitable ventures, so that when the inevitable occurs, you will not be hit so hard. Check out investment opportunities with CMBank.


 “For all of nature’s wonder and beauty, it is also hostile and unpredictable” Liam Neeson

Mother Nature has a mind of her own with her own rules and organizing principles. In trying to tame or control nature, it proves to be a futile effort as it is very unpredictable and likes to spring nasty surprises.

“Drive nature forth by force, she’ll turn and rout the false refinements that would keep her out” Horace, odes.


Change is a constant phenomenon. Events change and it is important to adapt to whatever change occurs. The sudden change of the choluteca river’s route has reemphasized the popular saying that change is the only constant in life плитоноска купити. To the river, the bridge was a stumbling block that the hurricane Mitch revealed and this hindrance made the river change its course. As humans we should learn that whatever hindrance we encounter, it shouldn’t be a reason to give up but rather consider a change of course. We should learn to be flexible like the river and understand that the key to survival in the world of today is adaptability. Life is constantly changing, don’t be stagnant.  

“Change is painful, but nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong” Mandy hale.


 Many at times, we come across opportunities that seem flawless. However, it is important to do a thorough research and investigation before you go into any business to avoid “stories that touch”. Perhaps, if a thorough research has been done, the constructors would have suspected that something might go wrong, a better approach would have been found. Thus, before you do that business, ask questions, meet expert in the business. CMB renders seasoned financial advisory services, especially to retirees.


The river Choluteca changed its course. It didn’t stop flowing even after the hurricane. It found a new path for itself. When the unexpected hits you, move on, don’t be static.

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